DASH: The Gay Noir Graphic Novel

Created by Zan Christensen

A disgraced detective. A bad boy lover. A mysterious femme fatale. And lurking in the heart of 1940s Los Angeles… a primeval horror!

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Original Art by Delia Gable
5 months ago – Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 07:26:28 PM

I wanted to share with you the three original pages from the DASH graphic novel that are available from artist Delia Gable! Her "Original Art" rewards include one of these signed original art pages (first-come-first-pick, once the surveys go out) as well as a copy of the book and a signed Vinnie Rico print.

This page is from the first issue of DASH, during a pivotal scene:

Original art from DASH #1 by Delia Gable

The next page is from DASH #3, where Miss Butterback is revealed to be up to something nefarious!

Original art from DASH #3 by Delia Gable

The last piece is from DASH #4, where some teens find that Lookout Point can be a dangerous place…

Original art from DASH #4 by Delia Gable

If your interest is piqued by one of these pieces, grab one of those Original Art rewards while they're still available! And thanks for helping us make the DASH book a reality!